In today's market, the largest share of revenue in most businesses comes from retail sales.

Retail Management is an integrated part of supply chain management. It isn’t just limited to supermarkets and shopping malls but has a much broader meaning and reach. Whatever requires to be sold involves retail operations.

Retailing management took a rebirth with the opening of FDI in Retail. The country had big expectations from the retail sector both in terms of growth in business and in creating job opportunities with the inception of an open economy followed by the boom in consumerism in India and growth of organised retailing.

Market research shows that 90 million new jobs are expected to be created in the next 5-7 years in India and 50% of these jobs (45 million) will be built in the service sectors. Retailing will be a significant employing sector.

The School of Retail Management offers various Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs relevant to the retail sector.

The program is designed to disseminate knowledge of the retail sector and develop skills that can mould students as per industry requirements. The course has a cosmopolitan mix of faculty for cross-cultural understanding and learning, extensive usage of global retailing videos and presentation for broader interest and exposure to various programs in the area of Retail Management. The students will possess industry-ready skills to enable them to deliver results.

Practical projects covering retail store operations, training in leadership, team management, Soft Skills, retail essentials, personal selling, e-tailing, e-commerce, will form an integral part of program offering.

Our course will allow students to become sound professionals across the following job roles:

  • Retail Executive
  • Category Executive
  • Brand/Product Associate
  • Customer Service Team Member
  • Loyalty programs Executive
  • Warehousing Associate
  • Modern Trade Sales Executive
  • Retail Buyer/Merchandiser
  • Institutional Sales
  • Customer Relationship Executive
  • Hospitality Executive
  • Corporate Marketer

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