School of Public Policy and Administration

Public Administration means providing service to the people by the State apparatus using the ground rules of justice, ethics and fair-play. The term Public Administration, always implies Government, while ‘public’ means community or people. In today’s times it is important that administration and policies should be more people oriented. This can be achieved by changing the mind-set of administration, enhancing the frontiers of knowledge in public policy and governance through applied research and education as well as training of administrators to serve the country.

As India globalizes under growing media glare, her administration and governance have to change with the times and respond to the high expectations of a society where the demographic pre-ponderance of youth, the increasing struggles of urban and rural India, the development-sustainability conflict and the continuing problems of poverty related malnutrition together throw up challenges that require great resilience in administration and delivery.
SSOU takes the reality of Governance in transition into consideration in all its skill-development, research and knowledge management activities in the area of Public Policy & Administration.

Today, Public Policy and Administration is a fast growing field with new departments at various institutions and universities. Public policy is one of the fields of the future, linking as it does, new notions of empowerment in democracy with new ideas of knowledge in policy.

What makes public policy exciting, protean and potentially inventive is the contested nature of the public sphere. It is anchored in a diversity of perspectives which challenges the dominance of one subject. For example, economics, which was almost a canonical discipline, now realizes that it confronts a new commons of social sciences which sees its sense of measure as inadequate to understand freedom or suffering. The new developments in feminism, cultural studies, future studies and science studies have added an increasing plurality to the fields of knowledge. Today, the relation between the ‘expert’ and the ‘citizen’ has changed and new forms of knowledge have to be considered. One sees this particularly in the development of ecological policy.

The School of Public Policy and Administration will offer a range of certificate, diploma and degree programs in line with the needs of this sector.
The programs will provide a not only conceptual understanding of fundamental principles of public policy, but will also enable students to apply this knowledge as administrators, managers, analysts, consultants etc., in various government & non-government organizations

The two-year Executive MBA program in Public Policy and Administration offered by SSOU will equip the students to tackle new challenges in the context of globalization, liberalization & rapid technology advancements, as well as social issues of poverty, equality & equity. The focus will be on developing conceptual, technical and analytical skills for public policy making and administration.

The MBA in Public Policy and Administration is a versatile degree that applies to a variety of areas across all career sectors, private as well as public. SSOU graduates will achieve leadership roles in government at the local, state and federal levels, in nonprofit organizations, and in the private sector. They can also pursue rewarding careers in health service, community service, in management consulting jobs, with financial institutions, in social entrepreneurial organizations, urban and regional planning, political science research and foreign affairs. Many graduates in the field of Public Policy work for government agencies and nonprofit groups, but there are also jobs available in private business, schools and think tanks. Students might also work as human resources managers or in executive governmental positions. It also opens up career opportunities to multilateral organizations like UNDP, UNICEF and development banks like Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank Group and many others. In addition, it creates opportunities at international donor as well as Corporate Social Initiatives.