School of Beauty and Wellness

The health, beauty and wellness Industry in India is now at an all-time high, twice as fast as that of the US and European markets. In India, the Industry is growing at a CAGR of 18.6 %. The sector is thriving on the increasing section of affluent and middle-class population that has started considering beauty and wellness as a necessity. Moreover, the increased emphasis on a holistic wellbeing with people’s desire to look good and young are other motivators for the industry. The rejuvenation segment is no longer perceived as a mere luxury service but it is now acknowledged as an essential tool to de-stress. A KPMG Wellness Sector report projected that the size of India’s beauty and wellness market would nearly double to Rs 80,370 cr by 2017-18 from Rs 41,224 cr in 2012-13.

However, the major challenges faced by the Indian Wellness domain on the skill development front are in terms of the inadequate availability of training infrastructure, standardized training curriculum (especially at the entry level), the absence of quality trainers in sufficient numbers, easier financial access to outcome-linked skills training initiatives, as also a general misplaced notion about the benefits of vocational training. Matters have not been helped by the fact that the Wellness domain in India is still largely unorganized and fragmented, with a very limited number of companies in the organized space having a pan-India presence. The talent deficit poses extreme threat to the growth and expansion of the whole beauty and wellness industry.

The Beauty & Wellness sector has emerged as a leading employment creator in the last decade. Globalisation and lifestyle changes have created opportunities for rapid expansion and growth of this sector. As per the report by Global Hospitality Consultant HVS, India was listed as one of the top 20 Spa countries worldwide. The Ayurveda, Medical Spas, Spa rejuvenation centers are estimated to contribute over 30 percent of the total income in the tourism industry. India is currently the 10th fastest growing market globally in in this sector and the industry is growing at a CAGR of 18.6 %.

Employment in the Beauty and Wellness sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20%, with 23% in organised and 15% in unorganized segments. With shift in focus towards quality of service, the industry has been looking to hire skilled labor to sustain growth. The fitness segment is expecting a CAGR of 19% with 22 % in organized and 15 % in unorganized sector. Beauty products and counter sales sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20%, with 24% in organized and 17% in unorganized sector .Slimming segment is expecting a CAGR of 22% with 29% in organized sector and 17% in unorganized sector. Rejuvenation is expected to have the largest growth at 30 CAGR with 34% in organized and 27% in unorganized sector.

The School of Beauty & Wellness aims to create a talent pool for this sector at all levels. The School of Beauty & Wellness will offer a range of Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs in line with the industry requirement. The curriculum has been designed in consultation with the industry to ensure that the students are job ready and employable on completion of the course.

Program Structure of B.Sc in Beauty & Wellness

Introduction To Nutrition With Fundamentals Of Skin, Makeup & Hair
Introduction to Human Nutrition
Introduction to the Beauty & Wellness Industry
Basic Human Anatomy
Fundamentals of Skin Care -I
Fundamentals of Makeup
Fundamentals of Hair Care -I
Customer Service Relation for Beauty And Wellness
Communication Skills (conversational skills)
Fundamentals of Diet Planning With Skin, Makeup & Hair Dressing
Fundamentals of Food Science
Introduction to Diet Management
Physiology of Human Body
Fundamentals of Hair Care-II
Fundamental of Skin Care -II
Fundamentals of Makeup -II
Communication skills (life coping and writing skills )
Internship for Beauty and Wellness -I
Nutrition Through Life Cycle With Food Preservation And Strength Training
Or Advance Skin Care & Hair Dressing
Nutrition Through Life Cycle
Introduction to Latest Trends In Cosmetology
Personal Enhancement Skill-I ( Employability skills)
Environmental Studies
Basics Of Accountancy
Electives-(Any 2 out of 4)
Advance Hair Dressing -I
Advance Skin Care -I
Introduction to Food Safety And Food Preservation
Basics of Fitness and Strength Training
Nutritional Biochemistry with Progressive Body & Hair Care Services
IT Concepts In Beauty And Wellness Industry
Personal Enhancement Skills -II
Salon Management
Basics of Digital Marketing for Beauty and Wellness
Disaster Management
Electives-(Any 3 out of 6)
Advance Hair Dressing -II
Advance Skin Care -II
Professional Bridal Make Up Artistry
Nutrition For Weight Management
Community Nutrition
Nutritional Biochemistry
Internship for Beauty and Wellness
Basics Of Sports & Therapeutic Nutrition With Wellness Coaching Or Spa, Fashion And Photographic Makeup Up & Salon Creatives
Entrepreneurship Development
Professional Competency Skill -I
Professional Competency Skill -II
Seminar / Project
Electives-(Any 3 out of 6)
Fundamentals of Wellness Coaching
Fundamentals of Sports Nutrition
Therapeutic Nutrition
Fundamentals Of Spa Therapies
Fashion And Photographic Makeup
Salon Hair Creatives
Internship and Industrial Training
Internship For Wellness and Fitness
Internship For Makeup , Hair and Spa Therapies
Project / Seminar

In the past five years, there has been a huge shift in the way service industries have been functioning. Beauty and Wellness is the fastest growing industry. As a result, the competition is high, which means the salaries are also improving in the industry.
Taking this course will allow a student to further his or her understanding of modern trends, applications, and business management skills for the industry.

Erich Salon & Training Academy on Campus
Symbiosis Skills & Open University has collaborated with Enrich Salons & Academy for providing hands on training to the students. Enrich Salon & Training Academy has been set up on the University campus to provide students a live environment to work. The students will also be given an opportunity to do internships at various Enrich Salons in Pune & Mumbai. Qualified trainers from Enrich Salons will also be conducting practical training for the student at the University campus.