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  • SSOU joins hands with US-Based JP Research Foundation

    SSOU, has joined hands with US-based JP Research Foundation to conduct research regarding road accidents. According to Dr. Swati Mujumdar (designation), this is the first time in India that a skills university has created a dedicated centre of excellence to conduct in-depth research into automobile accidents (2 wheelers, 4 wheelers and all other vehicles) which take place within Pune and on the Pune Mumbai Expressway. 

    The centre of excellence at SSOU has dedicated research staff from JP Research foundation, faculty and students from automobile engineering, construction engineering, and architecture. They have started research about accidents on the expressway and are looking into various reforms and policy changes that could reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities. This noble objective of the research has already received recognition and appreciation from the government and other agencies. SSOU also plans to publish their research findings to help improve policies, road conditions, vehicle engineering related changes and other reforms.